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Pit Bull Kisses Rescue of N.J.

"Have you kissed a pibble today?"


Quotes I adopted my beautiful Princess from one of these ladies and am nothing but happy. They sent me pictures, transported her, and would do anything for the breed. Thank you again Mel for allowing me to adopt Princess. Any thing you guys need. I am more than happy to help. Upstate (Albany), NY Mahiri <3 Quotes
Pitbull lover

Quotes Mel and Gabby sprang into action when a pit bull named Peach was in danger of being dropped off at a NYC KILL shelter. The man that owned Peach was in danger of being evicted. He reached out to a few of us on instagram on a Thursday. He said he had until Saturday and that this was an emergency situation. Mel and Gabby coordinated the pick up and Peach was safe on Saturday morning. As a thank you, I donated a crate but that could never repay these ladies for their good deed. I plan on supporting their rescue for years to come!!!! They really pulled through for Peach. I believe that they saved her life. -Heather (IG: @libragirlbx) Quotes
Peach the Pit Bull