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Pit Bull Kisses Rescue of N.J.

"Have you kissed a pibble today?"


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Should an animal be placed with me it will reside in my home as a pet. I agree to provide the animal with adequate food, water, shelter, affection and assisting in adoption. Foster shall be responsible for day-to-day expenses unless otherwise previously agreed upon with PitBullKissesRescue.
PitBullKissesRescue must approve all adoptions; you are not to give your foster to anyone without the approval of a PitBullKissesRescue board member.
We ask for a two-week window to terminate fostering, unless in the case of an emergency or prior agreed upon ending date.
If you must take your foster to the vet we ask that you take them to a vet we have relations with (unless it is an emergency). All vet care must be approved by PitBullKissesRescue.
In signing this foster agreement with PitBullKissesRescue, I declare that I am aware that: animals are different from human beings in their responses to human actions; the actions of animals are often unpredictable; children and animals must be closely supervised when interacting; an animal’s behavior may change after it leaves the shelter and accustoms itself to its new environment.
PitBullKissesRescue holds the right to terminate any foster relationship for any reason at any time granting the rescue immediate return of any and all foster animals.
By signing/typing, I certify that the information I have given is accurate and true. I further authorize the investigation of all statements in this application. I understand that omission of information and/or failure to answer all questions and sign the application can result in this application being null and void. I also understand that PitBullKissesRescue may deny my application for any reason.